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Chân máy quay EG15A2

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Thương hiệu: E-Image
Loại: Chân máy quay

E-Image 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod with GH15 Head supports cameras and accessories weighing up to 15kg (33lbs). It includes a GH15 fluid head, a GA102 two stage aluminum legs, and a GS02 ground spreader. The head and legs feature a 100mm ball/bowl, which provides a wide support platform. The tripod extends to a height of 177cm and collapses down as low as 63.5cm. A kit bag is included.

Fluid headGH15
SpreaderGS02 ground spreader
Bowl size100mm
Height range64.5cm-177.5cm
Transport length91.5cm/36inch
Net weight8.9kg/19.6lbs

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