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Phòng thu video di động HD/SD, 08/12 kênh di động. Datavideo MS-2850

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Thương hiệu: Datavideo

All-in-one video production studio in rugged flyaway case
Includes switcher, intercom, recorder, monitor, and power supply.

Suitable for large-sized productions
The MS-2850 supports up to 12 inputs in a variety of configurations or resolutions.

Intercom and talkback functionality
Standard 8-channel intercom with optional expandability to 12 channels

Many optional accessories available
Multiple accessories are available, including recorders, audio mixers, streaming encoders, camera control, test & measurement tools, and more.

Available in 4 versions
Standard version (MS-2850A/MS-2850C)
- The system divide into two audio delay unit: AD-100M / AD-200
- New completed version (MS-2850G/MS-2850H) with TLM-170V

The system configuration contains below devices:
- SE-2850 : HD/SD 8/12 channel digital video switcher

Seamlessly compatible with dvCloud
Get the most out of your streaming hardware using DVCloud. The MS-2850 is seamlessly compatible with Datavideo’s DVCloud service.

This subscription service give you the possibility of sending your stream to multiple destinations at the same time without having to have multiple hardware encoders.

You can also record your production on the DVCloud platform in h.264 format. After recording you can directly use this recording to upload it to your favourite content platform.

Direct SRT streaming to dvCloud prevents hickups and lag in your stream, especially when using slow or unreliable internet connections or when streaming large distances (for instance to the other side of the globe). Even if your destination does not support SRT you can still stream SRT to dvCloud and go to the destination in RTMP.

For more information on DVCloud, please visit the product page or sign up directly on

Digital Video Switcher SE-2850
Rack Mount LCDTLM-170LM x1 (MS-2850A/C/E/F)
TLM-170VM x1 (MS-2850G/H)
RecorderHDR-70 x1
Intercom/Tally SystemITC-100 w/ 4 Belt Packs
Vector ScopeBuilt in TLM-170VM (MS-2850G/H)
Audio MixerAD-100M (MS-2850A/E/G)
AD-200 (MS-2850C/F/H)
Power DistributorPD-2A (All MS-2850 configurations)
PD-6 (MS-2850G/H)
Return Video (8-CH CV)RP-64 (MS-2850G/H)
Camera Power DistributorPD-6A (MS-2850G/H)
4K Multicamera Processor KMU-100 (MS-2850E/F)
H.264 Video Streaming ServerNVS-33
HD/SD SDI AmplifierVP-445 (MS-2850G)
Rack System Integration 8RU Flight Case
Weight65 kg
Operating Temp. Range0~40 °C
CB-22H/23H Repeater VP-781
SDI/ITC CableCB-46/47 (30/50m)
ITC/Tally CableCB-3/4 (20m/50m)
HDMI Cable CB-60/61/62 (30m/50m/100m)
100m SDI RepeaterVP-633 / VP-634

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