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Bàn điều khiển PTZ NDI

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Thương hiệu: BirdDog
Loại: Máy quay PTZ

World’s First NDI® PTZ Controller.

BirdDog PTZ Keyboard is a full featured PTZ Keyboard that supports NDI®, NDI|HX, Visca over IP, RS422, and RS232. By harnessing BirdDog’s next generation NDI® and IP technology, it’s never been easier to discover, connect, and control your PTZ cameras. Featuring superior ergonomics, premium buttons and joystick, all in a beautiful form factor this is the PTZ controller you have been waiting for.

Universal control. Mix and Match protocols.

Never before has a PTZ controller been so flexible. PTZ Keyboard is the world’s first PTZ controller with NDI® and NDI|HX support. Along with NDI® there is support for Visca over IP, RS422, and RS232. You can mix and match cameras from any of the supported protocols and control them all from a single PTZ Keyboard.

Superior Ergonomics. Built for Humans.

Using the PTZ Keyboard is a breeze with well thought out button layout. Quickly access all the cameras on the network, and set up quick access buttons for all your favourite settings such as Exposure, Focus, Zoom, and movement speeds.

3-Way Joystick. Pan, Tilt, Zoom.

Effortless, one handed control of Pan, Tilt, and Zoom is possible with the 3-Way Joystick. For those who prefer a zoom rocker there is also one of those exactly where your left hand wants it.

Soft touch buttons. Treat your fingers.

Your fingers will thank you for using the PTZ Keyboard. Soft-touch silicon buttons and easy turn dials give a premium sensation while achieving the responsiveness you expect and deserve.

6 program buttons. Work how you want to work.

Set up your quick access buttons to work the way you want. Exposure, Focus, PT Speed, Zoom, Shutter Speed, Iris, White Balance, Compensation, and more, can all be programmed into the assignable buttons.

By the power of PoE. You have the power.

Super flexible powering options allow you to power the PTZ Keyboard from Power over Ethernet (PoE), DC in, or even over the serial port. Never get stuck in a situation where you can’t power up.

Control 255 cameras. Yes, 255.

Designed to control up to 255 PTZ cameras on a single network, PTZ Keyboard can scale to even the most complex installations.

Control Input/OutputLAN: RJ45 x1 (With PoE) 100 BASE-TX
RS232: RJ45 x1 • RS422: RJ45 x2
Audio: Analog 3.5mm Mic/Headphone
Control signal formatNDI® Control
RS 232/RS422: Baud Rate
(Sony VISCA Compatible)
User InterfaceDisplay: LED
Speed control: 2 knobs (pan/tilt, zoom)
Zoom rocker
Joystick zoom ring
Programmable function buttons: 6
Camera ControlMaximum camera control: Max. 255 with multiple protocols including NDI/IP
Maximum serial connectionsRS232: 7
RS422: 7 x 2 (A/B)
Key/Button illuminationMulti-colour LED Buttons
Exposure SelectionYes, Button
One push White balanceYes, Button
Network connectivityBacklight controlYes, Button
Display status of WB, Iris, Gain, Shutter, FocusYes
White balance model selectionYes, Button R, B, Gain: Yes, Knob
Iris AdjustmentYes, Knob
Shutter SpeedYes, Knob
Focus model selectionYes, Button
One push auto focus: Yes, Button
Manual focusYes, Knob
Power inputDC 12V, PoE (Power over Ethernet), Power via RS232/RS422 port
Power Consumption3W
Operating Temp0 - 40 ºC

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