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Thẻ nhớ XQD Sony, dung lượng 240GB, phù hợp với các máy quay PXW-FS7/FS7M2/FX9...

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Thương hiệu: Sony
Loại: Thẻ XQD

Designed for professional photographers and videographers, the 240GB G Series XQD Memory Card from Sony is made to excel in high-end DSLRs, including models from Nikon and Sony, and offers a storage capacity of up to 240GB. Equipped with a PCIe 2.0 interface, this XQD card features read speeds of up to 440 MB/s and write speeds of up to 400 MB/s, allowing it to record 4K video and up to 200 continuous raw still image bursts.

InterfacePCI Express 3.0, USB3.1 Gen.1(Super Speed USB)
Read speed440MB/s
Write Speed400MB/s
Operating Temperature-25-+65°C (Non-condensing)
Dimension (W x H x D)29.6 x 38.5 x 3.8 mm

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