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Shogun Studio 2

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Thiết bị ghi hình chuẩn 4K 60p gắn tủ rack tích hợp 02 màn hình 4K HDR.

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Thương hiệu: Atomos

The flexible new Shogun Studio 2 takes state of the art Atomos multi-channel recording technology and combines it with two premium 7” HDR 3000nit* high bright touchscreen displays, all in a single 3RU unit. Its unique combination of features makes it perfect for live events, outside broadcast vehicles, production galleries and MCRs, post production facilities, video wall playout, on-set DITs and sports officiating. Connect to practically any SDI or HDMI source including camera channels, PTZ cameras and vision mixers.
Record multiple formats
The Shogun Studio 2 records either two channels of 4Kp60, or up to eight HDp60 sources in industry standard Apple ProRes, ProRes RAW and AVID DNx codecs. Free your workflow from the constraints of highly compressed GOP based codecs and their associated artifacts. Replace them with clean images captured direct from the sensors of your camera channels using modern Intra-frame codecs.
Playback and Edit
Review or play out your footage directly on the Shogun Studio 2 using the innovative touchscreen controls. Playback and play out up to 4Kp60 video, or 2K/HD high frame rate footage slowed down in the unit itself. Playlists can be created from clips either recorded on an Atomos recorder, or from your edit system in a supported codec, resolution and frame rate.

Physical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D mm)447 x 152 x 280mm, 17.6 x 6.0 x 11.0”(without rack ears), 490 x 152 x 280mm, 19.3 x 6.0 x 11.0” (with rack ears)
Weight5.0kg / 11lb
Rack height3U
Mount pointsRemovable rack ears and desktop feet
Dual recorderDual Screen, Recorder and switcher
Continuous powerDual PSU
DC in connectorDual IEC C14
TouchscreenSuperAtom IPS panel (capacitive touch)
SizeDual 7.2”
ResolutionDual 1920 x 1200
PPI327 per screen
Bit depth10-Bit (8+2 FRC)
Backlight TypeDynamic zoned back light 3", Dynamic Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) 360 Zones
Brightness (cdm2 / nits)1500 / 3000 Peak HDR brightness
Aspect ratio16:09
Color GamutRec.709
Calibration supportAtomos Calibrator with Xrite i1 Display Pro / Plus (Retail)
Video Input
HDMI1 x HDMI (2.0) 4k p60
SDIQuad link 3G SDI, with 2 x 12G SDI Backwards compatible Auto detection per recorder channel
SDI RAWApples ProRes RAW up to 6k
RJ45 / NetworkService Only
Bit Depth8/10-Bit Video / RAW up to 16-Bit
Video Chroma Subsampling4:2:2
HDCP copy protectionNo supported
Video Output
HDMI1 x HDMI (2.0) 4k p60
SDI loop out1 x 2 x 12G SDI Backwards compatible Auto detection
SDI Play out2 x2 x 12G SDI Backwards compatible Autodetection level A and B selectable
Video Chroma Subsampling422
Bit Depth10-Bit Video
Video Signal Conversion
HDMI to SDIYes - Video and RAW
SDI to HDMIYes - Video and RAW
Audio In/Out
Audio Quality24/48kHz
Audio CodecPCM
HDMI8ch 24-Bit, input dependent
SDI12ch 24-Bit, input dependent
Analogue Audio in2 x XLR Per recorder channel
Analogue Audio Out2 x XLR Per recorder channel
Headphone out3.5mm 2ch.
Resolution and Frame Rates (Record, Monitor & Playback)
6kRAW Only up to 30p via SDI Only
4k DCI23.98/24/25/29.9/30/50/59.94/60p
4k UHD23.98/24/25/29.9/30/50/59.94/60p
2K DCI 2046 x 10802k DCI: 23.98/24/25/29.9/30/50/59.94/60p / Sony FX9 RAW up to 180p
FHD 1920 x 1080 Progressive23.98/24/25/29.9/30/50/59.94/60/100/120p
FHD 1920 x 1080 PsFConverted to P and looped out PsF
FHD 1920 x 1080 Interlaced23.98/24/25/29.9/30/50/59.94/60i
1280 x 720p50/59.94/60p
Recording CODEC
CDNGFor SDI RAW inputs Only
Apple ProRes RAWProRes RAW, HQ
Apple ProResLT, 422, 422HQ
Avid DNxHDDNxHD 220x,220,145,36
Recording functions
Pre-roll recordYes (HD 8s, 4K 2s) - Not available in RAW
ISO RecordUp to 8 x up to 1080p 60 (3G SDI Level A ONLY) 4 Per recorder channel
Switched Program RecordYes Up to 1080p 60
Multi Input / Switching
SDI A/B toggleYes, Up support up to 12G SDI per input
Dual Input displayVia Multi ISO input mode
Multiple SDI inputUp to 4 x up to 1080p 60 (3G SDI Level A ONLY)
Input transitionsAuto or manual XML transition
What’s in the box
Accessories includedShogun Studio 2, 2 x rack ears with screws, 4 x rubber feet with screws, 2 x IEC power cable, 2 x HDMI cable, 5 x Master caddy II

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